Game of the Year 2014

The guys over at Nitrobeard have all posted their Game of the Year 2014 content and I’m honored to be among them this year. Head over to Nitrobeard’s Game of the Year page to see everyone’s fantastic work!


From time to time I get sent a work in progress title that is waist deep in a crowd funding campaign and looking for exposure.  Every know and then, when the moon and stars align in just the right pattern one of these games really grabs me.  A while back it was Savage: The Shard of Gosen, more recently SUPER III caught my attention before failing miserably and now Warlocks is the latest crowd funding hopeful to intrigue me.

Anytime a game really hits home with me like this I’m inspired to do all that I can to promote it.  So what am I doing for Warlocks?  Well, apart from mentioning it on the Free to Play podcast and pimping it on Twitter I have whipped up one of my patented Work in Progress first impressions videos to try and give you the hard sell on Warlocks!  Check out the video below and if it inspires you to learn more then head over to the Warlocks Kickstarter for all the info your little heart could desire.

Mega Coin Squad

Adult Swim Games sent out a wide net to grab up streamers and YouTubers like never before to cover their latest offering Mega Coin Squad and they snagged themselves a Big Dave in the process.  This is the first time ASG has approached me to cover a game they are publishing and I was happy to oblige.  Following their last mediocre offering, Super Comboman (which as an aside was super disappointing to me as I had become quite invested in the development thanks to the Omega Jam documentary) they have returned to form with another irreverent pixel art arcade style platformer in Mega Coin Squad. Check out my first impression below: