Catching Up

Over the last month or so I have started working with the great guys over at  The experience has been top notch so far as I try to settle in as a Free to Play podcast regular and focus on posting my content on their page.  I just wanted to take a minute to recap what has been going on this last few weeks so those who still come here on occasion don’t feel abandoned.  I do still plan to post here, though I may transition it to a bit more of an off-the-cuff blog as opposed to a place where I post polished opinion pieces.

Still Posting on My YouTube Channel
While most of my content is being promoted on Nitrobeard I am still posting to my own channel for the foreseeable future.  Right now I’m just not on top of also posting blurbs about those videos here.  If you want to hear my ramblings on joining Nitrobeard and how it affects my content check out this video.

DevLogged Returning
Very soon the bulk of my focus will turn to my little pet project, my devlog update show DevLogged.  I am in the process right now of redesigning the graphics package and I am strongly considering commissioning some custom music for the show.  I LOVED making the first 4 episodes of DevLogged and I absolutely cannot wait to get it rolling again.  Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to work on that for at least the next several weeks as I am traveling for work and then…

PAX East
I’m headed to PAX East again this year.  I know the last year or so has shown a negative light on Penny Arcade due to equal parts stupid comments from the founders and totally overblown “nontroversies” from the Twitter-verse but frankly I don’t care.  I don’t consume Penny Arcade media in any form at all, I wouldn’t know Gabe or Tycho if I walked past them and I have had nothing but good experiences at PAX.  I have witnessed males aggressively hitting on females escorted from the floor by enforcers, I have watched covert booth babes (booth babes are explicitly banned) booed off stages and I have witnessed people of all races, genders and sexual orientations bonding over video games in a safe space every time I have attended.  This is the PAX that I attend and I will go there time and time again to make sure it stays that way.

Recent Videos
I’ve posted 3 new videos since last we spoke if you’d like to catch up on them here they are:

Lemma, first-person parkour platformer

Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love, a game… type thing

Steel & Steam, traditional JRPG

FIG – Don’t Move

Don’t Move!  Seriously just don’t.  If you do, and you will, then be prepared to learn a lot about yourself and how modern games manipulate you into surrendering your precious time to them.  Part game part life lesson Don’t Move is a wonderful free indie gem from Steve Richey that should really be experienced by every gamer at least once.  Get my thoughts below:


Heart&Slash is a 3D brawler rogue-like that is asking for your help on their recently launched Kickstarter, but is it worth it?  Short answer: YES! Long answer: Well I’ve got 10 minutes of rambling in the video below that definitely qualifies as the “long answer.”