I was pretty skeptical about the idea of boxed collector’s editions of indie games when I read about it a while back but the IndieBox won me over with their great package for Escape Goat 2! This is the second IndieBox to be released but the first one I was able to get my hands on so I thought I would share it with you guys and show you what changed my mind about putting digital games in boxes!

Nuclear Throne

I like Vlambeer‘s games.  Honestly I would more accurately say I love Vlambeer’s games.

The particular mix of classic arcade mechanics and modern design sensibilities that permeate nearly all of their titles really appeals to me on a lot of levels.  So, it was no surprise to me when I played Nuclear Throne for the first time and absolutely fell in love with it.  That love has inspired me to finally embark on my first on-going series focused around a single game (what some might call a Let’s Play, though I object to that label for reasons to complex to discuss parenthetically) so it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you my Nuclear Throne series:

Rogue Shooter

If you like old school first-person shooters and procedural generation then I’ve got the game for you! The uninterestingly named Rogue Shooter combines the aesthetics of Star Wars: Dark Forces with the random levels and items of Binding of Isaac to create a darn entertaining gaming experience.

Check out my video first impression below.

Rogue Shooter by Hippomancer